In order to get access to the Pomeranian Medical university, it is not necessary to pass an admission exam. Your successful admission will be achieved through an internal admission procedure.

We will let you know, which documents you have to provide to us. All applications from our students are reviewed and corrected by our professional team so they will have the greatest chance of success, because we assure that everything will be handed in perfectly.

Admission in Pomeranian Medical University

estudiar en europa proceso de admision

As there is no admission exam in Pomeranian Medical University, it is very important to follow our instructions. We have a close relationship with the university and an extensive experience with the admission process. Those are the reasons why our international students have very good chances of success.

If you are interested in this specific school of medicine, the first thing you have to do is contact us. We will evaluate your particular case and your chances of success.

Very important: For this university it is very important that interested students contact us quickly. An application within the recommended period of time increases your chances of getting admission. Those applicants who submit a late application have fewer chances of success.

Find the dates of the registration deadlines in our “Exams” section.

Get more information about the registration process here, or contact us:


Phone: +34 628 857 477

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