The Central Library is made up of two specialized libraries. It was founded in 1948, but its origins date back to 1917.

Nowadays, the Library is the biggest medical library in Croatia and contains a wide range of publications: in total, more than 120,000 items in different fields of medical sciences, both in physical and electronic resources.

The introduction of an English degree and a sharp increase in the number of students led to the implementation of on-line databases that the students at University can use freely. In addition, there is a specific database, “Biomedicina Croatica”, a collection of articles in biomedicine, entirely made up of works by Croatian authors. From the University’s system it is also possible to access Medline (PubMed), an important collection of specialised books and articles, and to the Gideon Online platform.

The Central Library offers a useful course for students and professionals, where they will teach you strategies to find and evaluate medical information. You will also get ECTS credits for taking this course.