The transmission of basic scientific principles is core to the values of the University of Zagreb, as a sound scientific foundation will allow the students to put their knowledge to good use. Traditional learning processes in combination with more modern approaches provide an ideal educational environment. The UZSM deeply believes that this methodology will pass onto the students a greater sense of responsibility when it comes to learning and practising as doctors.

The students are grouped in small numbers during the whole degree, as smaller groups make it easier for the students to absorb knowledge better and more rapidly. It also gives them the chance to ask questions any time. The MSE Programme (Medical Studies in English) will integrate the students into a multicultural environment, helping them to develop their own understanding of the world and different medical approaches. One further advantage of the MSE Programme is individual career planning. During the degree, the students will be shown many facets of Medicine, in order to increase their competence and improve their professional practice.

Objectives of the University

Although there is probably more than one reason why you would like to study Medicine, helping people and doing good is usually the bottom line and what makes a real difference. The School of Medicine of the University in Zagreb takes this objective very seriously. Therefore, it wants to provide an opportunity to study Medicine to those who can’t choose to do so in their own country at an affordable price and in a respected university.