The Faculty of Medicine was founded in the year 1917-1918 and has a long tradition in educating international students. So far, more than 700 students have graduated as doctors here. The MSE Programme, Medical Studies in English, was implemented as the result of the high number of foreign students in Croatia’s biggest and oldest medical school. After successfully completing 6 years of studies, future doctors are awarded their title. Students might take their clinical training at the following facilities:

Clinical Hospital Center

Sestre Milosrdnice

Clinical Hospital Merkur

Clinical Hospital Dubrava

The UZSM has a high number of cooperation agreements with many medical universities in Europe and North America, as for example the University of Toronto in Canada.

International students will receive an outstanding education at the School of Medicine of Zagreb University. The UZSM has established the autonomy of the students as a principle, based on the belief that doctors must always work thoroughly and responsibly, and that maintaining these standards will yield the best professionals.