Studying at the University of Debrecen is a unique experience for various reasons. Not only will you be a part of a community of 30,000 students from over 60 different countries, you will also lead a full university life in one of the most beautiful university campuses in Hungary, located in the nature reserve of the Great Forest. In addition, Debrecen is the city of festivals and offers a wide range of exciting cultural activities.


The university has seven campuses – five are located in the city of Debrecen and two are in the nearby towns of Hajdúböszörmény and Nyíregyháza. You can choose to live on the medical campus (along with many other students) or on the main campus, where you will find everything you need: banks, chemists, a cinema, a hairdresser’s, cafés, restaurants, bars, sport activities, gyms, a church, gift shops, bookshops, libraries, etc.

The current Faculty of Medicine of the University of Debrecen is rooted in an old, majestic spiritual heritage. The city of Debrecen is also known for its schools and higher education institutions.

The Faculty of Medicine has 22 basic science departments and 25 clinical departments specialising in various fields, such as: internal medicine, surgery, orthopaedics, radiology, neurology, neurosurgery, psychiatry, paediatrics, obstetrics and gynaecology, cardiology, pulmonology, otorhinolaryngology, dermatology, ophthalmology, stomatology and urology. The Faculty of Medicine also serves as a hospital for the citizens of Debrecen, enabling final year students to do their training there.

The University of Debrecen offers a variety of options to students of all stages of higher education: foundation courses, undergraduate degrees, postgraduate degrees, doctorate programmes, short exchange programmes, etc. The university’s teacher training courses are also very popular, in which students are given the opportunity to gain work experience in primary and secondary schools. The university also maintains good relationships with the main companies in the region, which encourages research and ensures the transfer of its academic and scientific achievements to the medical and pharmaceutical industries.