Degree: Medicine
Duration: 6 years
ECTS: 60 credits per academic year
Intended to: Students interested in health sciences, who want a highly qualified academic preparation.
Language: English
Location: European University Cyprus

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The medical school is based on policies and standards which serve as a platform of the institution. It was founded in collaboration with eminences of the country internationally renown. Thus, the pillars on which its system has been founded are mainly: its staff, its experience and its technological team, as well as its commitment to an integrating and international education.
The degree of medicine at the EUC is taught in English. It is a six-year degree and comprises a total of 360 ECTS. The Medical College is characterized by a dynamic learning environment that enables students to acquire all the skills and abilities required in the world of medicine, both on a highly theoretical and practical level. The curriculum is based on a competition-oriented learning and professional efficiency. Thus, its students must face both theoretical and practical exercises from the first year on.
As part of these practices, students will treat patients in hospitals and clinics in Cyprusm, so that they can put everything they learned into practice. This will enrich and strengthen them as prospective professionals of medicine.
The medical facutly provides a high quality of education in the field of nature and health sciences and, specifically, in medical studies. As an educational institution, it strives to make their students become professionals that are able to perform their abilities in any country. Therefore, the curriculum of medicine enables all students to practice as doctors in any of the countries into the European Union and in different international health systems that are existing in other countries.

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