• The island has a total of 120,000 inhabitants fully immersed in a multicultural environment that will only give you positive experiences.
  • Cyprus offers the best conditions for your studies, with its climate and its culture. We are talking about a country of sunshine and sandy beaches, surrounded by clear waters coming from the Mediterranean Sea. A place full of mountains, resorts, towns and villages, all of them really charming.
  •  The people radiate so much kindness and hospitality that it will make you feel at home from the very first moment. You will always be warmly welcomed and you will fall in love with its open and communicative people.
  • Thanks to the high life standards on the island, Cyprus has become an international center with residents coming from every country of the world.
  • Despite the high life standards in Cyprus, you will not need to spend a lot to live comfortably. You can live a very comfortable life without spending more than you would in Spain.
  • Since its inhabitants can speak English fluently, you will have no troubles communicating with anyone.
  • The country is really secure, even though it has been parted. In Cyprus, the crime rates are very low, this will give you a safe environment for studying.
  • Cyprus offers many free time activities, as it is very much adapted to European needs.

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