The country has two official languages: Greek and Turkish. However, the European University Cyprus is on the side that belongs to Greece, so that the spoken language is Greek. However, the great English proficience prevailing on the island will the everyday life very easy for you. Here, you will have no excuse, since that “language barrier” does not exist. Remember, that your studies will be taught in English, so do not be shy and start enjoying this chance, as much as you can.


Nicosia does not have an airport itself. However, only 40 minutes far away from it, is Larnaka, where you can travel wherever you want, thanks to its international airport, which connects you to any country you want to go to. Through companies like Britisch Airways, Lufthansa, Iberia and Air Berlin, you can visit Spain anytime, since they offer round trip flights everyday.


In Cyprus, you can choose among different housing styles. For the EUC it is important to create a friendly environment among its students. Thus, the university has three own students residences and apartments, located just minutes away from the university. In these facilities you can choose the type of room that you like the most: single, double, triple, or quadruple. Otherwise, you can choose one of their fully equipped apartments, with kitchen, bathroom, living room and air-conditioner. And do not worry about anything. DEM will help you to find it.

Sport and Leisure:

As a student city, Nicosia has a great range of social opportunities for all its inhabitants, especially for young people. The whole country and the city offer a variety of local and international restaurants,as well as bars, parks, cinemas and shopping centers.

Going Out/Free Time:

Nicosia boasts both social, cultural and historical lifestyles overall, especially in the south. This part of the town is where most shops can be found. Its neighborhood Laiki Jitoniá is always crowded by tourists. Due to its fame, this part of the city is fully equipped, so that it is able to offer you everything you need to spend your free time, whatever your hobby may be.


If you enjoy going out and the nightlife in general, there are many music venues and meeting places for young people. Most of them are located in the city center (greek part of the city).

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