The motto of the university is:

Educate our students, for successful careers and life achievement
Understand and serve the needs of our society
Create knowledge, through research and innovation


The European University Cyprus is one of the main universities offering a high education system. It is a privately funded college, whose responsible bodies enjoy a high reputation around the world, due to its excellent teaching, continuous innovation and research.

THE EUC offers a comprehensive and diverse education and training system, which aims to satisfy the personal needs and expectations of its students, both academically and professionally. This university also offers unparalleled and comprehensive training that will allow any of its student to enter into a highly qualified professional world.

The university is committed to an academic preparation, guiding the students into a successful career and educating professionals with great potential. At the EUC, the students will be heard and treated according to their needs, so that the university will be able to create a motivational teaching for students, based on their motivations, on research and innovation projects.

The university is member of the Laureate International Universities, to which also the European University of Madrid, the European University of Valencia and the Universidad Europea de Canarias belong. This is a network of over 75 universities that gets extended throughout the world, and whose main objective is, to guide and support students through their present and future, to be able to encourage them to bring out ther strengths.

The new campus of the European University Cyprus means a new way of learning, since it offers modern facilities and a fully equipped laboratorios. The university offers consultation centers for its students as well as a wide range of sports and leisure opportunities.

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