The SZTE school of dentistry is internationally well-known and has a very good reputation. You can take your studies in English or Hungarian, which both last 5 years. Dental studies have been offered in Szeged since 1960 – until 2006 at the independent school of dentistry and from 2007 on at the SZTE school of dentistry.

Since the professors and teachers of the SZTE school of dentistry think that theoretical and practical lessons can only be divided to a certain extent and that practice is necessary for a better acquisition of the knowledge. Studies are focused on the theory during the first semesters and then practical lessons take place. The dentists will share some lectures with medical students, as both degrees have certain subjects and classes in common. For this reason, some seminars are taught at the school of medicine. The aim of the university is to train highly qualified dentists, who can work in several fields and are prepared to practice their professional career in a serious and confident manner.