The SZTE school of medicine is one of the most prestigious and renowned schools in Hungary. The degree can be taken in Hungarian and English and the study period comprises 6 years. Every year, many young people from all over the world want to start their studies here, so there is a high demand. The history of the university, full of tradition, and the 90 years of the SZTE school of medicine make Szeged one of the best study options concerning medical education. The objective of professors and teachers, of the SZTE school of medicine, is to provide students with high quality studies through mediating theoretical and practical knowledge. Although in the first years, theory is very important, practical knowledge will be also introduced from the very beginning. Within these practical lessons, health care plays an important role. For first semester students it is also important to use this knowledge, which they will then be able to apply in their future profession.

The SZTE school of medicine is always up-to-date and it receives influences from all new methods regarding current findings and research. However, the curriculum also includes traditional healing methods. The SZTE school of medicine is committed and decided to turn Szeged into an important research point, to care about international contacts and to create new relationships with other universities. This can be proved with the full recognition from the State Medical Board in California and New York. The doctors of the region usually take part in further education courses at the university, since it always provides the newest knowledge regarding medical research.