The University of Szeged school of medicine is one of the best and most renowned in Europe. It has a long history and many popular and important scientists have been related to it. An example of this is Alberz Szent-Györgyi, which received the Nobel Prize in 1937 thanks to his medical research.

The three medical schools (medicine, dentistry and pharmacy) comprise one of the best educational establishments in the world. The university is not only highly qualified in all its departments, but it is also internationally-oriented and therefore one of the most popular destinations for students from all over the world.


The big objective of the University of Szeged is to give the students the opportunity to receive an optimal education so they are well-prepared for their medical professional career. Another concern of the university is to keep these education programs on an internationally recognized level in order to help the students to build up a medical career as successful as possible.

The international orientation of the medical degrees in Szeged enables the students to exercise the profession not only in Hungary but also worldwide. If you study in Szeged, you will enjoy a first-class university atmosphere in a place, which is considered one of the best medical institutions in the world.